Quaker Anne encourages thee to Read the Bible daily and pray and work for peace.
"The Lord bless thee
and keep thee...."

- Numbers 6:24

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Questions for Quaker Anne

  • Are all Quakers plain?
  • What is the difference between "Quakers", and the Religious Society of Friends?
  • Have you always been a Quaker?
  • Why do you use the name "Quaker Anne"?
  • What guided your decisions in terms of Quaker plain dress and plain speech?
  • Did going plain affect your children or grandchildren?
  • Which pattern do you use and what fabric is best for making plain dresses?
  • You seem to wear solid colors, what about printed fabrics?
  • Do you drive a car?
  • Do I have to remove my prayer cap when my drivers license photo is updated?
  • Must I remove my head covering going through airport security?
  • Do you use electricity, have modern appliances or a telephone?
  • Do you use the Internet or social media?
  • Should I home school my children to avoid worldly influences?
  • Are there home schooling programs that you recommend?
  • Can I be "plain" and still have a television?
  • I do not live near a Quaker Meeting, can I still become a Quaker?
  • How do I decide which Quaker group to worship with or belong to?
  • How can I offer active Christian service on my own, as an isolated Friend?
  • Are there other Quakers in your area which you worship with?
  • Where do you attend Meeting for Worship?
  • How do you regard the Bible?

    Can I be "plain" and still have a television?
    I receive questions about owning a television fairly frequently. A television, in and of itself is not necessarily "bad". How a television is used is really the core concern.

    We have owned a television for many years and have found it beneficial from time to time primarily for the purpose of education. However, we have never had cable access (or satellite) - cable television was never something we invested either time or money in - and frankly, I have never missed it or regretted for a single moment not having cable access. It actually feels very liberating to know that cable television programming has never pervaded upon or persuaded our personal values, or perversely permeated our peace of mind; it had no influence in our lives what-so-ever; it did not influence our children or steal the innocence of their childhood and it has no impact on our grandchildren when they visit us.

    I frankly feel that unrestrained, liberal use of television has done more to erode family values, fracture relationships, teach unabashed violence and greed to children, perpetuate prejudice, ingrain immorality, promote promiscuity, desensitize consciences, and campaign secularism than any other piece of technology ever visited upon mankind - until the Internet. I have never heard one argument persuasive enough to defend network programmed television use. And to those who would say that there are "a few good channels" out there worth watching and therefore having channel access, cable or satellite for, I do not honestly believe it is worth the risk.

    While there are people who are simply amazed by the fact that we have never had "cable TV", I, on the other hand am simply shocked by what I see during the rare times when I have viewed cable programming (such as at a hotel when traveling). To think that there are children actually allowed to watch, for several hours everyday, such deplorable television programs as can be found on cable, satellite, or network access makes me feel very sad. And, as if most of those programs are not bad enough, the advertisements are often even worse. What is one investing in and inculcating into their minds during times of television viewing? It is a question worth considering.

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    I do not live near a Quaker Meeting, can I still become a Quaker?
    There is no formal ritual or ceremonial rite of passage to becoming a Friend; a Quaker. There are no membership requirements set up by any body of governance, no ordinance of designation, no passage of priesthood. A seeker does not "become" a Quaker as much as that one is drawn out, through prayer and discernment, and led by the Holy Spirit to adopt and live out in their lives, the ideals in Quakerism which speak to the condition of that individual seeker in service to the Lord.

    A seeker may find spiritual encouragement through association with another gathered body of worshipers in The Relegious Society of Friends, if that one is fortunate enough to live near a Meeting for Worship, or a Monthly or Yearly Meeting. But unfortunately, many seekers - tender spiritual pilgrims - find themselves on their own. If such is thy case, dear reader, keep in mind that being on one's own is actually not an impossible situation at all, because with God, all things are possible. For nothing is impossible with God. Luke 1:37

    Being alone in a religious calling may seem lonely, as by nature human beings yearn to associate and fellowship with others of a like spiritual mind, but, the Lord is always near to those seeking to serve Him in spirit and truth, as He requires (John 4:24). If what I write here speaks to thy condition, dear reader, be ever mindful that indeed - thee is not alone, not in the least respect, for Christ Jesus is ever near to thee.

    Thy being on thine own may actually be part of the greater outworking of the Lord's plan for thy life. For in thy singularity, thee may come to understand more surely than by any other way, that our Lord is working out His purpose in thy life by requiring thee to rest all thy hopes entirely in Him first, in all matter of things.

    God, our Father - thine own heavenly Father, Creator of the universe, is as near as prayer, as close as silence, as real as the moment. The Lord is at, and in, all time everywhere. Realize for thyself, that God is right there, and even with thee this very moment, and His Son, our Saviour Christ Jesus, invites thee to accept Him as the Shepherd of thy life, and experience His light of salvation. He waits for thee to accept and submit to His invitation to personally lead and shepherd thee. Will thee accept His invitation to govern thy life?

    Spiritual darkness can not prevail upon the soul searching for truth. I sought the LORD, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears. (Psalm 34:4) For just as the sun does not cease to shine in those moments in a day when thee ceases to notice its brilliance, so the Son and Word of God does not cease to radiate the brilliance of His Light of salvation - even in those times when thee does not rest thy assurance in Him and thereby feels swallowed by spiritual darkness. The Lord is there, very real, and waiting to illuminate and fill thy life with the purpose of serving Him.

    Yet, the seeker must seek in earnest, and even more so as the narrow road to life becomes ever more crowded with the bankrupt allurements of secularism which casts its spurious distractions in every direction, designed to divert thee wayward from Almighty God who created and loves thee. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. (Jeremiah 29:13)

    In a world over stimulated by the glittering, blithering, assault of media noise at nearly every level of comprehension, silence will forever remain the supreme current for thy heart and soul to stream, and find its purposeful fulfillment in the Lord. In the heavenly places, God lovingly awaits thy submission, so He can direct thee to unity with His purpose for thy life until that final day, when thy earthly time is come, when He will then call thee home to peace in Him through Jesus Christ our Saviour.

    It is literally a process of personal convincement during which the revelation of Christ Jesus illuminates the soul with the sure knowledge and confidence that "Christ has come to teach His people himself." (Fox), and that includes thee. It is a revelation so personal, so illuminating to the soul that there is no doubt that the Light of the living Lord is real and sustainable, even in the near absence of others of like minded faith convincement.

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