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Prayer Caps and Bonnets

But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ;
and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God.

- 1 Cor 11:3

I am often asked about different headcoverings and for information in general about styles and resources. I have to admit, that in the beginning of my discernment process as a plain Quaker, I found very few resources on the subject and it was often frustrating to try to sort out the details of plain dress and head coverings on my own. After much trial and error, my head covering selections were made based on many factors, none of which were easily determined, nor the actual articles easily acquired. The Lord has led me to offer and share information here about headcoverings based on my experiences and research, for the sake of those sisters who are discerning and searching for ideas for serviceable headcoverings, that they might feel a little less alone in their discernment.

The following photo examples are just a few of the different prayer caps, bonnets and veils which can either be hand-made or purchased through a reputable company. The resources below only include those companies with whom I have had positive first hand experiences.

Some of the following examples are headcoverings I actually wear, others are not. Be mindful that there is no "right or wrong" style for anyone. It is really a matter of individuality as to which type of head covering the wearer finds suitable for her situation. Style is not the issue here - spirit-led religious observance is. For instance, I normally wear a soft prayer cap with a gathered brim, white in color. It is tied (sometimes untied) and pinned to my hair with 2 straight pins in the front, and one bobby pin in the back at the nape of my neck. However, while a prayer cap is very serviceable for most days - and my personal preference in general - during periods of hard active outdoor farm work (hay season for example), I find that a veil is a much more serviceable headcovering than a cap or bonnet due to the fact that it tends to stay on my head more securely. When working around heavy machinery I can not be distracted by the need to fidget with my hair or head covering. The same is true in my work as a midwife - often times, I wear a veil for the same reasons.

I hope the following pictures are helpful and I will be adding more to this page as time allows. Kind thanks to, and may God bless, the many dear sisters who have helped make this information available with their information and thoughtful donations.

Prayer Caps & Bonnets

Black prayer cap. Pleated crown, no ties.
Worn by different plain communities including Amish & Old Order Mennonites

White prayer cap. Gathered crown, with ties.

Antique prayer cap, almost shaker style.
View 1

White day cap or summer bonnet.
Worn by some plain women, not worn by Amish or Mennonites.

Black poly/cotton prairie bonnet. Worn by some plain women, not worn by Amish or Mennonites.

Wool slat bonnet - side view.

White prayer cap. Pleated crown, no ties.
Worn by different plain communities including Amish & Old Order Mennonites

Black prayer cap. Gathered crown, with ties.

Same antique prayer cap, almost shaker style. View 2.

White corded bonnet with large mantel.
Exceptionally deep brim. Worn by some plain women, not by Amish or Mennonites.

Wenger Amish bonnet. A Quaker bonnet might have a deeper, fuller brim and softer crown.

Wool slat bonnet - back view.

Straw Bonnet.

Quaker Plain Dress


Plain & Simple Headcoverings
Source for the Amish made straw bonnet pictured above.

Friends Patterns
P.O. Box 326
Gettysburg OH 45328-0326
Quality plain patterns including a shaker style bonnet (not shown).

Source of the white Corded Bonnet with large mantel shown above. Exceptional workmanship!

Kannik's Korner
Patterns and wonderful information about bonnets !

Gohn Brothers
PO Box 1110, 105 S. Main St.
Middlebury IN 46540
Phone: (574) 825-2400, 800-595-0031
Amish and Plain Clothing, fabrics and more. Simple print catalog without pictures. Very helpful customer service - speak to a live person. Very reliable.

Jas Townsend & Son, Inc
133 North First Street
Pierceton, IN 46562
Clothes, caps, capes and accessories, nice linen shawls. Source of the white day cap/summer bonnet above. Excellent prices and service - speak to a live person.

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