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- Numbers 6:24

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Prayers for Peace
Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace; where there is hatred, let me sow love...
-St. Francis of Assisi

This is a non-denominational prayer page. If you would like to light a candle and post a prayer for peace, please use the form below.

Light a candle and post a prayer for peace
Please submit your prayer for peace and request to light a peace candle.
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You do not have to leave your name - but knowing your location might be encouraging to others!

I pray a prayer for my great niece, Sylvie, 3yrs. old, who has Krabbe's disease. I still believe a miracle can happen; yet whatever happens, I pray she and her family be held in the love and courage of God's embrace. MO, USA
Dear Lord, please help me to be a peaceful women help me to be A Godly women and to be useful to you. Dear Lord let there be peace in the world. Utah, USA
bear Lord lit ther be peace to the world, and help me to rise my children in peace, dear Lord lite me be a good wife and mother to my family and help me to be a peace full lady. USA Utah
I ask dear God to come into the hearts and minds of those who are closed to your expression of love. Your strength lives within each of us, all that is necessary is to re-ignite the light within. Be willing to have your life changed in ways beyond your human conception of what is right or perfect for God's love is not of this dimension. I ask that those that are alienated from me to return to me for I miss their richness in my life, especially my sister Sandta. God, we have been away from each other for too long and I miss her - the person, my friend and my sister. I will light a candle to honor this request and I trust that your way will be the best way for all concerned. With love and peace,
ON, Canada
Please let everyone in the world get along. State & Country Delaware, USA
Oh Lord, give peace to troubled hearts and light with Your truth my life. In Jesus' name Rome, ITALY
Dona Nobis Pacem. Connecticut, USA
I pray for peace within myself, within my family, and within the world around me. May I always come with peace and humility to this life which God has granted me. Costa Rica
Pls pray for my son as he awaits word on his application for Peel Police. Pls pray that the officer in charge of his file for his employment for Peel Police is pleased and that it meets their criteria. Pls pray that my son recieves the call very soon and that the news if wonderful and he is asked to join their foce. God Bless Canada
Heavenly Father, Grant us Your Peace which surpasses all understanding that our inner hearts may be filled and transformed by Your Peace. May we share Your Peace with family, friends, neighbors, as well as strangers and enemies. Amen. Missouri, USA
Dear Lord, Please watch over, help, protect and bless the unborn, the babies and the children everywhere. Grant them a world at peace in your enduring Love. Amen. California, USA
Father, I pray for our troops that they may remain safe. And I pray that in the upcoming years we can find better ways than war. I pray for peace among the nations, that one day, we may live as thee intended. Amen. PA - US
Peace for all those who are fighting for peace overseas and for those who are struggling through touch economic times too. Amen. MI, US
Dear God, I pray that we will all know Your peace that surpasses all understanding, in all situations both great and small. Thank you for the peace that flows through these messages from Your children. Thank you for the blessings of the day. In Jesus' name a-men. Virginia, USA
I pray for peace in my heart and the hearts of those around me. I pray for a world that is looking at peace and not war. I pray for leadership that looks to peace. I pray for all around me that they shall receive peace and many blessings. Arizona, US
Peace in our hearts, peace in the world New York, USA
Lord, give unto us peace "not as the world giveth" but as you alone giveth. Jn 14:27
from Friend Stephen
NSW Australia
Dear Lord, I pray that you would pour your Spirit out over your earth and put an end to all the suffering here. I pray for peace among all the people of the world, from my nearest neighbor, to my furthest enemy. Please bless us all. In Jesus name I pray, Amen. West Virginia, USA
Dear Lord, I pray that everyone be have an inner peace. Philippines
I pray for peace so out Military can go home!!! Schweinfurt Germany
I pray for the good health and continued strong life force of my Mother, Father, and Cousin, who are facing some difficult health issues. May they be strong, healthy, happy, and live many more good years. New Jersey, USA
Between my husband and son. Northern ireland
Pray That One Day The Hole World Will Have Peace!!! Ontario,Canada
I pray for peace in the hearts of all the world's children who live in fear or hunger. KY USA
peace within us and peace for the world Germany
Peace for all peoples of our earth. Kindnesss, mercy, and love. Oregon coast , USA
I pray for the world to know the peace and love of Jesus Christ BC Canada
I pray for peace among our Country, and throughout the World. I pray that my family remains steadfast in Christ forever more. Amen! New Jersey, USA
Heavenly Father, may peace come soon and in all places of our Earth where there is war, bring your stillness and healing love to all. May you bless our leaders with wisdom to handle violence not with violence. Bless the wounded and those who grieve. MD, USA
For all children in the world who are suffering due to sexual and physical abuse. Texas, United States
i pray for peace in the peoples hearts whose are suffering due to conflict between religions and countries UK England
let us forget ourselves and remember peace start from with in with our selfs and our God this is my prayer...our father let us a unselfish nation let my peace from you flow out to our brethern California, USA
I pray for equality for all persons. God created and loves every one of us. I pray that our gay sons and daughters no longer encounter discrimination in their lives. Oregon - USA
God's peace to all in our world, and especially those suffering in countries at war. Delaware, USA
God please grant us peace and understanding in our immediate family and extended family this your world. Help us to bear the burdens of this life with your infinite lover and mercy. Mumbai India
Peace & Blessings Flordia USA
On every side of every battle, the ones who are sent to do the actual fighting are so often just children, Lord. Please change the hearts of the adults who so carelessly deploy them, and let there be peace and safety for all. England, UK
Hello, please pray for Hannah. God bless her and heal her always. Please God watch over her. Amen.
peace and prosperity Louisiana, USA
Peace, for mind and soul, this I ask today of You, dear Lord. Northampton, PA, USA
Peace for those who have passed on from this world. ENGLAND
I pray fervently for the peace of the world, and for the personal inner peace of my new friend. PA, US
I ask you, Oh Lord, to bring peace to the world. I look at the faces of my own children, and those in war torn countries, and pray that they may someday live in a non-violent world. PA, US
I Julie want to pray for peace in my family and a peaceful job and my tension to be at rest. kindly light a candle for me and my family KUWAIT
I would like to light a peace candle for peace in the hearts of the emotionally troubled. Illinios, US
Dear Lord, Help our leaders find a better way than war. Help us all to be ministers of kindness, love, and peace. WV, US
Mother-Father God, Please keep my son and all the service men and women safe, and bring them home soon. Also the innocent people who did not ask for war to be fought in their land. Please let there be peace. In Jesus' name, Amen. Washington, US
May we all focus more on the LORD and less on the world, that we may enjoy the peace that only He can provide. Honolulu Hawaii
I pray to thee oh Creator for peace that all, from the most powerful to the most humble, might be free to live without fear and suffering. North Carolina, US
I Wish the World Peace! PA US
May all feel God's presence being revealed to them, and then be open to following the guidance they receive in the opening. All governments, all leaders, all families, all individuals. And may we exemplify the peace of God we feel in our encounters with all of God's creatures: 2-legged, 4-legged, flying, or crawling. And so it is. Amen. Jacksonville, FL US
God lift them up, give them peace. Use me as you wish to help others in this troubled world. Amen CO, US
Oh my sweet Jesus - teach us to place our lives under Thee - the King of Peace. IA, US
I pray that the world can be at peace and that all men can learn to love one another as God said. VA, US
I wish the world peace. MA, US
Father, please let there be peace on earth- between nations and between people. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen MI, US
Lord, let your kingdom come, in Jesus's name, amen. NH, US
Lord, in this world of strife and turmoil, we ask you to grace our world with our love for each other. It is only though our love that others will begin to know You. To this end, we light our candle. PA, US
Dear God some people believe in order to bring peace you sometimes have to fight for it. Please bring peace to those who fight as well as the innocent persons involved. VA, US
O Creator please hear these words crying out for peace.... PA, US
Father, please watch over our service men and women. That they may return home soon and this war will end. War is not the answer. In Jesus Name, Amen UT, US
Lord, may you bless us and keep us. May your face shine on us and be gracious to us. May you turn your face toward us and give us your peace. In Jesus Name, Amen TN, US
Heavenly Father, may your Light--Jesus Christ--shine forth from our hearts and may we be vessels to be used by thee to bring about peace in our world. I ask these things in the name of Jesus --Amen Alaska, US
Love is the answer. IL, USA
Lord, Please help me to let my light shine in a world of hate and angry people. Help me to love the unloveable and my light to shine before all as an example of you Dear Lord. Amen Texas, USA
Dear Lord, Please direct me into the service of the USO in Kuwait so that I may be a helpful person to those returning and entering to Iraq if that is your will for me. Ohio, USA
Support our military men and women. Pray for peace so they can come home. TX, USA
Thank you for giving us many beautiful things to calm our eyes, ears, mouths and spirits. Lancashire, England
Lord, let thy name rule the world throughout. Peace is thine. Finnland
I pray that those of us that are free from intentions to aflict pain and harm to others be protected. I pray that we may be guided to enlighten others to join in a mentality of only considering kindness, respect for humanity, sharing, understanding, and living within the boundries of "right and wrong" - knowing which is right, and honorable. CA, US
Let us keep hope of what IS possible in our hearts. Idaho, US
Dear Lord, please bring our service men and women home! Peace to all.... NJ, US
Dear Father, As followers of Your Son, the Prince of Peace, help us to be examples of peace and compassion. IL, US
God grant us peace amongst all religions, knowing that the One True Source would not have us fight amongst ourselves. NY, US
God, let there be peace among your children. Amen. Columbus, OH, US
May our Jesus' bequest of peace speak to thy heart. John 14:27 CA, US
Heavenly Father, help us find our humanity and recognize the humanity of others, so peace may finally be found in Iraq and the suffering of all involved be at an end. Bring our loved ones home safely and help us to heal the pain we have caused to others. In Jesus' name -- Amen Boone, IA, US
If God couldn't come today, so he sent you in his place, what difference did you make in the world today? Washington, US
Lord, please help our military personnel overseas come home. Please bring peace to everyone. Illinois, US
Abba Father, May thee bring forth a love in each of us toward our brothers and sisters, may it stretch beyond all borders and nationalities. In Jesus,       1John 4:20,21 CA, USA
Gracious Lord awaken peace in the hearts of all humanity. Shake the hearts of Americans so that we may see our horrifying destructive capability and put an end to it. In Thy Precious Name, Amen IA, USA
Dear God; please help people to love each other. IN, USA
Lord, we look for your promise and the glory of your return! VA, USA
Heavenly Father, please grant inner silence and stillness to all mankind that your mighty calmness may keep every heart, and the Prince of Peace may ever reign in all souls. In the name of your Son, our Savior Christ Jesus - Amen. - Kimberly Anne Michigan, USA

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